Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift ideas for the man who wants nothing

If the men in your life are as hard to shop for as mine are, then this gift list is for you! Victor is the hardest male I have ever had to shop for. I rounded up my faves under the tree for him this year and his fave from last year! Ps. I know my image is blurry, but I gave up on fixing it. I'm tired.

1. Steel Collar Stays - I hate finding those little plastic ones all over the house and he's lost almost all of the first pack I got for him 4 years ago.
2. He always needs new shades - and right now they are on sale!
3. This Dyson fan is perfect for the man allergic to dust in your life
4. I saw these pink Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses and knew he must have them. I'm going to swing by Total Wine to pick up the Patron to pair with them.
5. I have heard such great things about Dollar Shave Club. I bit the bullet and bought him a subscription. This man shaves every day, so I'm hoping these are a winner.
6. Hair gel is always running low in our house and this is the only brand I can get him to use that isn't from the dollar section in Target.
7. When all else fails, chuck a candy pooping reindeer in his stocking like I did :)

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Favorites + Holiday Gift Idea

Even Floridans need to adjust their skincare, make-up, and fashion hauls for fall. The humidity is gone and dry hair and skin is here. I would never recommend a product that I wouldn't buy again.

I typically use a firming eye cream, but this brightening formula makes my newly acquired dark circles not so dark.

You MUST try this L'Occitane moisturizer! I feel like I am applying silk to my skin. Ahmayzing! I can tell such a difference in the texture of my skin at night when I'm cleansing. This is a keeper :)

I recently started enhancing my brows. My brows aren't thin, but they are very light. I first tried Anastasia brow gel and the wand was just too thick for me. I really like the super thin wand on this one by Tarte.

I do not wear foundation everyday, but when I do, I want full coverage without looking like I forested my face with a tub of brown icing. I typically use L'oreal Lumi, but I really like this formulation for drier skin. It is very light, dewy, and moisturizing. You may not like this if you're super oily.

I still heart my tangle teezer for brushing out my wet hair, but this wet brush has changed my life. Seriously. I use this while blow drying if I want a straight look. The bristles are special; they are very thin and flexible so as not to snag fragile, wet hair. I found mine at Target, but you can get it for less on Amazon.

My husband and I are huge fans of Shark Tank. I first saw this straw cup on the show a year or so ago. I kept meaning to buy it on amazon, but just never pulled the trigger. I literally squealed with delight when I saw these at Target. I scooped it up and was excited to see if Isla liked it. Verdict? She loves it and the weighted straw mean that she gets every last drop. Cons? It is not spill or leak proof. If your toddler tornado is anything like mine, then juice will spill when she tips it upside down and shakes it. Over and over and over...

Finally, I've been on the hunt for a new tote. I have searched and tried on and bought several, but have been consistently disappointed. I ordered this bag a few weeks ago and am in love. I like my totes to have structure, an outside pocket for phone + keys, and a center section that is sewn at the bottom. This is my first Kate Spade handbag purchase since college and I must say that I am impressed. The gold chain feels luxe and looks quite classy with sweats in the am when I drop Isla at daycare :)

Have you heard of POPSugar? I can't remember where I first saw it, but I recently ordered my first Must Have box for $39.99 and am now on my third monthly box. It is SO much fun to get a box full of great brands and products that I wouldn't normally purchase. In addition, the value of the boxes is always over $200 and can be up to $500. The below box included a scarf that retailed at $140 - would I ever pay that? No. BUT, it feels like butter and the coloring is very unique. I highly recommend joining and enjoying your first box...PLUS, there are always around 7-10 products, therefore you can order one box for $39.99 and get 7-10 gifts for holiday. Winning! Here is the link to join: Get your first Must Have Box HERE

The Get Fit With Us was a $25 gift card - that practically paid for the box on its own. The box also included Nicole Miller Headphones and Rifle Paper Co. note cards. Seriously? This is the best $39.99 I spend all month :)


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Did you miss me?

We have been slammed with life the past couple of months. We have been packing for weeks, planning for Halloween, sick with everything Isla brings home from daycare, and I've been really busy with work. I have made a vow - I vow to post every week until the end of the year. I have so many Isla updates that I need to get down before I forget.

So here's the deal...we're moving! We are saying goodbye to our home for the past almost four years. We are leaving the urban life of downtown West Palm Beach and joining the soccer moms in Jupiter. We looked at a TON of properties. I'm sure our agent wanted to throat punch us at our inability to make a decision. We decided on a lovely community called Mallory Creek. We can't walk to crowded bars, the coast, work (for Victor), or the mall anymore. BUT, we can walk to the park, food truck invasion events, craft fairs, and our friend's house - knock, knock!

Here is the outside of our corner town home with plantation shutters (gah!), ceiling fans (clutch), laundry room (what is that?), and custom California Closets (we will have closets!)

Oh hey kitchen! We currently have 5 kitchen cabinets (not double cabinets) in our downtown condo with our dishes on a Pier 1 shelving unit (that has survived 22 months with a toddler tornado). This kitchen calls for a Williams & Sonoma trip. Oh, and that's our laundry room back there complete with a side by side (no more top loader for the Fernandez family!) and a mud sink. Oh, oh and shelves!!!

Speaking of shopping, we move the 12th, leave for a weekend vacation with friends on the 14th, and then Victor leaves for Denver the following Wednesday. While he's gone, I plan to hit up every home store within a 20 mile radius to stock up and decorate any. way. I. choose. Most wives might be a wee bit miffed that their betrothed is leaving them less than a week after moving, but me? I'm ecstatic! I can organize, decorate, paint, put up a back splash, hire a handy man to hang photos...ANYTHING I WANT! No time to FaceTime, boo, mama's busy with your Amex cleaning.

We have sold pretty much every piece of furniture we own (any one need a king size solid wood + leather sleigh bed?). I have been pinning and planning the rooms of this place for weeks. I'll do a complete home tour early December :) And before you ask, I'm not even waiting a day to put our Christmas tree!!

We plan to make the most of our last weekend in downtown - City Place shopping + Family Fun Fest,  a trip to Paper Source, walk to the beach, stroll along the Intercoastal, Brunch at Paris Bakery, early trip to our local Starbucks, nail appointment at my fave spot, wine at The Blind Monk, Dinner at Table much to do!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

An evening at the beach

I love the beach, but I'm not very fond of actually going to the beach. I prefer the pool to the beach for many reasons; no sand, no sharks, and it is an elevator ride away. However, the sand + salt does do amazing things for my piggies.

We recently took Isla to the beach, and I'm not ashamed to say this, but it was her first time at the beach. I know, I know. The Atlantic is less than a mile away and we are just now taking our almost 2 year old to the see the sand + water. Before you judge too harshly, let me tell you that she probably would not have survived had we taken her at an earlier age due to our poor parenting...

This is not the first day we almost killed the baby, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but it was definitely the most public display of near manslaughter we have endured!

All is fine + well...

until a wave break washes over her and has her completely submerged in salt + sand!

 You are seeing water, because my back is to the water and a huge wave just washed over me and is on its way to knocking over my sweet babe! I don't know how the camera survived, but am quite happy it did. There was a collective gasp from all of the beach bums around us. My primal scream might have drawn a wee bit of that attention...

This neglect and near drowning might have been excused the first time...but yes, it happened a second time! We almost let a second wave wash away our's best parents here!

Me: "Cough it up, baby...get it all out...please don't "dry drown" later in your crib...OMG, is she going to dry drown?! We have to get out of here before someone calls DCFS..."

However, I did manage to get a couple snaps of sweet daddy + daughter moments before we fled the scene.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY Gift For Grandparent's Day

I've mentioned before how much Isla loves to color; she's an animal with a crayon! We recently dove into finger paints, and I use the word dove literally here :) 

I wanted to give Victor something made by Isla for his birthday and this framed I Luv U art turned out perfectly. I'm sharing now because Grandparent's Day is upon us and I know one Nana that will be giddy over her gift :)

We used washable finger paints in her favorite color family - purple. I cut the painting down to my frame size with a ruler + xacto knife. I then cut another piece of card stock to the same dimensions. I brushed mod podge on to the plain sheet and covered it with glitter. I then used my cricut to cut out the letters in her painting. You can freehand letters or use stencils if you don't have a cricut. Then just top the glittered sheet with the painting et voila!

I found the gold frame at my local Home Goods store :) Now Daddy + Nana have a little Picasso for their offices.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY Bracelet T-Bar Holder

My job calls for the need to have A TON of jewelry display items. I used to order quite a bit from an online company, but due to recent security breaches, I need to find alternatives for myself and my Chloe + Isabel merchies :)

Here is the first post of a three part DIY Jewelry Display Series - I hope you love it and have fun making it!! This is very easy to make, but here is the Etsy link if you would rather shop than get your hands dirty. 

DIY Bracelet T-Bar Holder

I had to go to both a craft store and Home Depot for the supplies I didn't have in hand. I used a solid pine dowel, but you can use an empty paper towel holder; just roll up an old catalog or magazine to shove inside for extra durability.

You will need:
10.5" wood dowel
Felt or paint to cover your dowel
Base - I used a crystal cans stick holder
Hot glue gun
Cut mat
Ceramic birdie

Not pictured:
Rotary cutter

Start by sanding the rough edges of your dowel and cleaning your base. You'll want to plug in your glue gun at this point as well.

If using felt, measure and mark the amount you'll need. Use a ruler and rotary cutter to cut your material. Tip: you'll want to cut two circles to cover each end of the dowel. Mark and cut these circles AFTER you've glued your large piece of felt to your dowel. Capish?

Place a thin line of glue along the edge of your felt; about a .5 cm in. Firmly press your dowel into the glue and roll it to the other edge. Place another line of glue and close the roll.

Glue on your two circles to each end and trim any excess you may have.

Center your dowel and place glue on your base. Press the dowel firmly on to the base. Now place glue on the bottom of your birdie and press + hold the birdie for about 45 seconds. My base was larger than my dowel and I could see run off from the glue. I cut a couple feet of twine, used a thin line of glue where the dowel meets the base, and then tightly round the twine around the base. Hot dog, problem solved!!

Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Flying Solo...Literally

Isla and I recently traveled to Ohio + Indiana for 16 days! This was not the first time Isla has flown, but it was the first time we have flown by ourselves. It was definitely an adventure and although I learned A LOT the last time we flew, it was obvious I still had a lot to learn about air travel with a toddler.

Luckily for us we had a non-stop flight. Other than crying everyday for a week before we left, I felt I was pretty prepared for our 2.5 hour flight. I learned last time that taking an entire stroller system and gate checking is a total shit show. This time I sized down with this stroller and ordered this and this for that and her car seat. Lesson 1? Check. The bags truly helped keep the seat and stroller clean and scratch free. I did gate check the stroller and curb check the car seat.

Speaking of curb typically helpful baby daddy pretty much unloaded us and the car then took off! He was out of there so fast I swore the tires squealed. The curb check attendant took pity and waived all over weight limit fees and gave me priority boarding. Bless him!

So far so good...The last time we flew Isla wasn't standing on her own, let alone walking. Picture this: Mom and infant taking off winter clothes, unpacking laptop and iPad, getting out our carry on liquids, peeling back welly socks, using 2 hands to detach the car seat from the stroller, folding the stroller, putting it all on the belt...ON CHRISTMAS EVE AND HOLDING THE BABY THE ENTIRE TIME! What a cluster! Here comes lesson 2: carry on ONLY the essentials. I thought I was making quick work of getting everything on the belt until a female employee advised that I keep it moving. The only person to come over and help was a young guy :)

Still smooth sailing...we had some time so we popped in the only restaurant in the terminal and shared some dinner. She was an angel, ate her food with zero mess, and was completely entertained with her magic markers and magic coloring book :)

Oops, time flew and we need to get to the gate! We arrived 10 minutes prior to boarding. I gate checked her stroller and dug out the little bag with all of our meds; she was clearly suffering from allergies and needed some baby benadryl... All set and ready to go! Wait? What? Is that my child screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing herself around on the carpet? Yup. The little angel wanted to play with our bag full of meds and mama wouldn't let her. She threw such a tantrum that people were coming over and offering to soothe her. The gate called pre-boarding and I couldn't run there fast enough. Isla was still convulsing and screaming while I was trying to hand over our boarding passes, so I put her down. Of course she fell and wailed, "OOOOOOWWWWWEEEEEE!" making me look like the WORST mother ever. As we made our way to our seats, I saw eye rolls and heard lots of exaggerated whispers.

We made it! A row of three seats on a Southwest flight that wasn't full. There was not chance in hell someone was going to choose to sit next to us! Winning! For the next 30 minutes, she chilled in her seat, enjoyed some snacks, and said hi to everyone who passed our row.

Travel pillow - we use it in the car too!

At this point, the benadryl kicked in...I think I gave it to her too late and now she was loopy and over tired from missing her nap. She screamed and thrashed around for a good 20 minutes. I am always the one to get annoyed with crying babies kicking my seat, so this really affected me. I started bawling and couldn't stop. It was just too much for me. I vowed NEVER again to wait that long to treat her allergies... The flight attendants brought wine and never asked for payment - sympathy drinks. 

Soon the benadryl kicked in and the wine felt warm. It was happy skies at 10,000 feet :)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

DIY Heart Patch Baby Leggings

My husband and Isla are in Fort Myers this weekend, so I have had a very productive 24 hours. We typically clean one room a day. Therefore, the entire house is never clean at the same time unless Isla is out of town. In addition to cleaning and organizing, I spent a lot of time napping checking off some diy projects on my list. The weather has been gloomy and our pool is closed for repairs. We only have one car, so when I'm home alone on a rainy weekend, my entertainment is limited.

Isla is now 18 months and still not walking 100%. She takes more steps everyday, but still knee walking and crawling for part of the day. We only have carpet in the bedrooms, so Isla spends most of her day crawling around on tile. She has worn down the knees on some of my favorite leggings. I decided to patch a few pairs that still fit her.

I'm not going to lie, each knee patch took about 25-30 minutes. The sewing will take less time if you use a different stitch. I'm pretty happy how these turned out and I know she'll love the new hearts on her knees!

Obviously diy is more fun with a cocktail! The Tervis says it all :) World's Best Mediocre Mom

Gather your goods! You can see the worn knees on these gold polka dot leggings. You'll also need embroidery thread, a needle with a large eye, pins, felt, scissors, and a template for your shape. I did a heart, but you can really do any shape you'd like. Check out these and these for more ideas.

I cut a few paper heart templates before I settled on the right shape + size. Fold your felt in half, pin the template, and cut. Your felt won't have the shiny backside. This remnant was from a prior project that required heat-n-bond so that's why the backside of my felt is shiny.

I pinned the patches to the leggings to ensure minimal movement during my stitching.

I'm in love!

 My stitches aren't exact and I actually really like the look of the random placement. If your OCD won't allow for this, you can pre-mark your felt with your needle before you pin the patch on the pants; the needle will easily find the pin holes. Enjoy!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Half Birthday, Islaboo!

We celebrated Isla's half birthday this week. The kid got screwed with a December birthday, so I decided to start celebrating her half birthday too. Grandma came to play and we celebrated with mini Nutella cakes. I used pound cake because I prefer it to angel food cake. We did a combo of Nutella and Lemon Curd. I always have lemon curd on hand to add to frosting. Have you ever added lemon curd to your fruit pizza frosting? Yummy!

Isla LOVES to color. This chickadee will color for well over an hour straight. She loved coloring with Grandma so much she gave her lots and lots of kisses. I'm headed to Ikea next weekend to pick up an art table I've had my eye on for a few months. I plan to stain it and add some gold paint to the legs. I'll share photos and DIY steps once it is complete.

I wish I had those lashes...

This little bug has changed so much! These are the photos I snapped when she was 6 months old and as much as I love the talking and walking (finally!) Isla, I miss the newborn Isla. I only hope our next babyboo is as photogenic as Islaboo.

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday Islaboo! We love you. Mmmmmmwah!

Monday, June 9, 2014

June Favorites

Florida is heating up and we're doing everything we can to cool off! Below is what we have been crushing on the past couple weeks. 

My sister in law bought the blue version of this LED nightlight for my nephew for Christmas. I knew I had to have it! It charges via wall plug and has two setting; one color and multicolored. The best part? You can buy it online!

J Crew baby ships free everyday with no minimum. Head there now as all SALE is an additional 40% off!

Zara has the cutest collection this summer! I scooped this up and the Cockatoo Jumpsuit as well.

I LOVE these headbands. They go with everything and the quality blew my mind. I found them while searching for modern baby clothes and I plan to get a few more sets. I dress Isla in mostly patterns and colors. I just don't care for Carter's and their appliques and whatnot. If Isla is wearing something from Carters, I didn't buy it.

So, if you read this post you know we have a very hard time with shoes and tend to buy all of her shoes from Nordstrom. However, I typically spend $35-$60 on one mismatched pair so if I find a pair I love like these gold sandals at $19, then I buy two pairs in two sizes. At least then I can resell them on Ebay later.

These are perfect for hydrating Isla when she is sick. I typically use one pouch for 4, 8 ounce sippy cups. These are convenient because you can have them on hand when needed and only use what you need.

We are on Isla's third runny nose in the past two months. I gave up on those small packs of Boogie Wipes and started getting this big guy. The wipes are far more gentle on her nose and face than tissues. My husband even used them recently when he had a sinus infection so he wouldn't get that chapped skin we all know and hate!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Isla at 17 Months

You’re 17 months old!

Your very first swing ride!

New words: Gaga for Gertie, uh-oh, ow, and you are really trying to say your name. It sounds like eylalalalalala.

Favorite foods: Pizza, smoothies, pineapple, blueberries, mama’s pancakes, and biscuits

 Dislikes: You will not eat cheese! Who is this child? Not mine! Your mama + papa LOVE cheese so I’m not sure what the aversion is, but more for us!

 Weight: 22 pounds

Hair: A wee bit more on the top, but you are still rocking your bullet (baby mullet)

Walking: Nope! You are starting to stand on your own, but you still don’t have the confidence to take that first step. No rush baby girl.

Proud mom moment: I realized I forgot your 15 month well baby visit…oops

Proud dad moment: Daddy was carrying you in the baby bjorn and he turned the corner to the office a little too sharply and banged your head on the door jamb…complete meltdown!

You are a smooching machine! You kiss everything! You have to make your mmmmwaaahhhh with every kiss. We love it! You chase Gertie around saying mmmmmwah, mmmmmwah! I’m laughing just typing this. Your kisses were even irresistible when you were sick. You puckered up and mama couldn’t resist! Lay one on me baby :)

We have started to transition to letting you eat everything by yourself. I pioneered this movement and Daddy was slow to jump on board. He said he liked feeding you and enjoyed the time he spent with you at dinner.  I have been putting more and more of your liquid/soft foods in the infantino squeeze pouches and really appreciate that you can now suck them down on your own and not make a mess. I’ve been putting your oatmeal, yogurt, apples + pears, and semi-homemade alphabet soup in them. Homemade alphabet soup: Alphabet pasta, food processed carrots + zucchini + squash, and organic + low sodium tomato soup.

Ummm, my only guess is that you are imitating Gertie when you eat like this!

And you still love to share your leftovers!

 You attended your first annual SunFest this month! You went 3 out of the 5 days and loved every second of it! Daddy mostly carried you in the Baby Bjorn, but mommy had to step in when you started to get restless. You’re favorite part? Kid Rock had you shakin’ that little bootie, but the fireworks put the biggest smile on your face. You kept pointing at them and saying “ohhhhhhh.” The fireworks were the last night and they started at 9:00. You typically go to bed between 7:30-8:30 so it really wasn’t a stretch to have you out at 9:00. However, a little teenybopper felt otherwise. As we were having a lovely mama + mini moment enjoying the fireworks, she walks by and says, “Who would bring a baby?!” Needless to say, I had some choice words for her. I will not apologize for bringing you somewhere if it means Daddy and I would have to stay home if we didn’t. I have rarely bailed out of something with you as the excuse unless you are sick or asleep. Daddy and I try to live our lives not only for you, but for us too. We feel it is very important to have a baby, life balance.

You look less than enthused, but I promise, you loved it!

You had your first real cold this month too. It was heartbreaking :( The worst of it came on a Tuesday night. I told Daddy we were in for a long one. I was right. We attempted to put you to bed at least 5 times. I even crawled into your crib with you, but you just couldn’t get comfy because you couldn’t breathe. You just cried and held out your little arms and wailed, “maaaaammmmmmmaaaaa!” You wanted nothing to do with Daddy. It warmed my heart that you, like your fur sister, only wanted her mama when sick. We snuggled, used our snot sucker, and took lots of bubble baths together. I am very happy it was a short lived cold. My predictions came true…the nosefrida was a lifesaver in cleaning out your runny nose.

You make the best snuggle bunny when you're sick

You are so smart! I don’t know how other babes compare, but you blow our minds every day! We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Mimi and Gigi and you rocked that peg tee game. Your fine motor skills have always impressed me, but this was something else. Our little genius! You are so very curious and tenacious. You won’t stop at anything until you’ve figured it out. If something opens, you instinctively know it and find a way to get into it. You will figure out how to unscrew a cap, open a sealed container of cookies with a lid on it, and spend 15 minutes do so if that’s what it takes. I know how to keep you busy!

Mother’s Day was this month and you stayed with your first non-family babysitter. Our friend so graciously offered to watch you while we went to dinner. We have the best friends! You were so in love with her that by the time we got home, you cried when I took you from her arms. I just know you’re going to be a social butterfly.

I love you, sweet Islaboo