Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift ideas for the man who wants nothing

If the men in your life are as hard to shop for as mine are, then this gift list is for you! Victor is the hardest male I have ever had to shop for. I rounded up my faves under the tree for him this year and his fave from last year! Ps. I know my image is blurry, but I gave up on fixing it. I'm tired.

1. Steel Collar Stays - I hate finding those little plastic ones all over the house and he's lost almost all of the first pack I got for him 4 years ago.
2. He always needs new shades - and right now they are on sale!
3. This Dyson fan is perfect for the man allergic to dust in your life
4. I saw these pink Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses and knew he must have them. I'm going to swing by Total Wine to pick up the Patron to pair with them.
5. I have heard such great things about Dollar Shave Club. I bit the bullet and bought him a subscription. This man shaves every day, so I'm hoping these are a winner.
6. Hair gel is always running low in our house and this is the only brand I can get him to use that isn't from the dollar section in Target.
7. When all else fails, chuck a candy pooping reindeer in his stocking like I did :)

Happy Holidays!