Saturday, June 21, 2014

DIY Heart Patch Baby Leggings

My husband and Isla are in Fort Myers this weekend, so I have had a very productive 24 hours. We typically clean one room a day. Therefore, the entire house is never clean at the same time unless Isla is out of town. In addition to cleaning and organizing, I spent a lot of time napping checking off some diy projects on my list. The weather has been gloomy and our pool is closed for repairs. We only have one car, so when I'm home alone on a rainy weekend, my entertainment is limited.

Isla is now 18 months and still not walking 100%. She takes more steps everyday, but still knee walking and crawling for part of the day. We only have carpet in the bedrooms, so Isla spends most of her day crawling around on tile. She has worn down the knees on some of my favorite leggings. I decided to patch a few pairs that still fit her.

I'm not going to lie, each knee patch took about 25-30 minutes. The sewing will take less time if you use a different stitch. I'm pretty happy how these turned out and I know she'll love the new hearts on her knees!

Obviously diy is more fun with a cocktail! The Tervis says it all :) World's Best Mediocre Mom

Gather your goods! You can see the worn knees on these gold polka dot leggings. You'll also need embroidery thread, a needle with a large eye, pins, felt, scissors, and a template for your shape. I did a heart, but you can really do any shape you'd like. Check out these and these for more ideas.

I cut a few paper heart templates before I settled on the right shape + size. Fold your felt in half, pin the template, and cut. Your felt won't have the shiny backside. This remnant was from a prior project that required heat-n-bond so that's why the backside of my felt is shiny.

I pinned the patches to the leggings to ensure minimal movement during my stitching.

I'm in love!

 My stitches aren't exact and I actually really like the look of the random placement. If your OCD won't allow for this, you can pre-mark your felt with your needle before you pin the patch on the pants; the needle will easily find the pin holes. Enjoy!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Half Birthday, Islaboo!

We celebrated Isla's half birthday this week. The kid got screwed with a December birthday, so I decided to start celebrating her half birthday too. Grandma came to play and we celebrated with mini Nutella cakes. I used pound cake because I prefer it to angel food cake. We did a combo of Nutella and Lemon Curd. I always have lemon curd on hand to add to frosting. Have you ever added lemon curd to your fruit pizza frosting? Yummy!

Isla LOVES to color. This chickadee will color for well over an hour straight. She loved coloring with Grandma so much she gave her lots and lots of kisses. I'm headed to Ikea next weekend to pick up an art table I've had my eye on for a few months. I plan to stain it and add some gold paint to the legs. I'll share photos and DIY steps once it is complete.

I wish I had those lashes...

This little bug has changed so much! These are the photos I snapped when she was 6 months old and as much as I love the talking and walking (finally!) Isla, I miss the newborn Isla. I only hope our next babyboo is as photogenic as Islaboo.

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday Islaboo! We love you. Mmmmmmwah!

Monday, June 9, 2014

June Favorites

Florida is heating up and we're doing everything we can to cool off! Below is what we have been crushing on the past couple weeks. 

My sister in law bought the blue version of this LED nightlight for my nephew for Christmas. I knew I had to have it! It charges via wall plug and has two setting; one color and multicolored. The best part? You can buy it online!

J Crew baby ships free everyday with no minimum. Head there now as all SALE is an additional 40% off!

Zara has the cutest collection this summer! I scooped this up and the Cockatoo Jumpsuit as well.

I LOVE these headbands. They go with everything and the quality blew my mind. I found them while searching for modern baby clothes and I plan to get a few more sets. I dress Isla in mostly patterns and colors. I just don't care for Carter's and their appliques and whatnot. If Isla is wearing something from Carters, I didn't buy it.

So, if you read this post you know we have a very hard time with shoes and tend to buy all of her shoes from Nordstrom. However, I typically spend $35-$60 on one mismatched pair so if I find a pair I love like these gold sandals at $19, then I buy two pairs in two sizes. At least then I can resell them on Ebay later.

These are perfect for hydrating Isla when she is sick. I typically use one pouch for 4, 8 ounce sippy cups. These are convenient because you can have them on hand when needed and only use what you need.

We are on Isla's third runny nose in the past two months. I gave up on those small packs of Boogie Wipes and started getting this big guy. The wipes are far more gentle on her nose and face than tissues. My husband even used them recently when he had a sinus infection so he wouldn't get that chapped skin we all know and hate!