Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY Bracelet T-Bar Holder

My job calls for the need to have A TON of jewelry display items. I used to order quite a bit from an online company, but due to recent security breaches, I need to find alternatives for myself and my Chloe + Isabel merchies :)

Here is the first post of a three part DIY Jewelry Display Series - I hope you love it and have fun making it!! This is very easy to make, but here is the Etsy link if you would rather shop than get your hands dirty. 

DIY Bracelet T-Bar Holder

I had to go to both a craft store and Home Depot for the supplies I didn't have in hand. I used a solid pine dowel, but you can use an empty paper towel holder; just roll up an old catalog or magazine to shove inside for extra durability.

You will need:
10.5" wood dowel
Felt or paint to cover your dowel
Base - I used a crystal cans stick holder
Hot glue gun
Cut mat
Ceramic birdie

Not pictured:
Rotary cutter

Start by sanding the rough edges of your dowel and cleaning your base. You'll want to plug in your glue gun at this point as well.

If using felt, measure and mark the amount you'll need. Use a ruler and rotary cutter to cut your material. Tip: you'll want to cut two circles to cover each end of the dowel. Mark and cut these circles AFTER you've glued your large piece of felt to your dowel. Capish?

Place a thin line of glue along the edge of your felt; about a .5 cm in. Firmly press your dowel into the glue and roll it to the other edge. Place another line of glue and close the roll.

Glue on your two circles to each end and trim any excess you may have.

Center your dowel and place glue on your base. Press the dowel firmly on to the base. Now place glue on the bottom of your birdie and press + hold the birdie for about 45 seconds. My base was larger than my dowel and I could see run off from the glue. I cut a couple feet of twine, used a thin line of glue where the dowel meets the base, and then tightly round the twine around the base. Hot dog, problem solved!!

Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Flying Solo...Literally

Isla and I recently traveled to Ohio + Indiana for 16 days! This was not the first time Isla has flown, but it was the first time we have flown by ourselves. It was definitely an adventure and although I learned A LOT the last time we flew, it was obvious I still had a lot to learn about air travel with a toddler.

Luckily for us we had a non-stop flight. Other than crying everyday for a week before we left, I felt I was pretty prepared for our 2.5 hour flight. I learned last time that taking an entire stroller system and gate checking is a total shit show. This time I sized down with this stroller and ordered this and this for that and her car seat. Lesson 1? Check. The bags truly helped keep the seat and stroller clean and scratch free. I did gate check the stroller and curb check the car seat.

Speaking of curb typically helpful baby daddy pretty much unloaded us and the car then took off! He was out of there so fast I swore the tires squealed. The curb check attendant took pity and waived all over weight limit fees and gave me priority boarding. Bless him!

So far so good...The last time we flew Isla wasn't standing on her own, let alone walking. Picture this: Mom and infant taking off winter clothes, unpacking laptop and iPad, getting out our carry on liquids, peeling back welly socks, using 2 hands to detach the car seat from the stroller, folding the stroller, putting it all on the belt...ON CHRISTMAS EVE AND HOLDING THE BABY THE ENTIRE TIME! What a cluster! Here comes lesson 2: carry on ONLY the essentials. I thought I was making quick work of getting everything on the belt until a female employee advised that I keep it moving. The only person to come over and help was a young guy :)

Still smooth sailing...we had some time so we popped in the only restaurant in the terminal and shared some dinner. She was an angel, ate her food with zero mess, and was completely entertained with her magic markers and magic coloring book :)

Oops, time flew and we need to get to the gate! We arrived 10 minutes prior to boarding. I gate checked her stroller and dug out the little bag with all of our meds; she was clearly suffering from allergies and needed some baby benadryl... All set and ready to go! Wait? What? Is that my child screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing herself around on the carpet? Yup. The little angel wanted to play with our bag full of meds and mama wouldn't let her. She threw such a tantrum that people were coming over and offering to soothe her. The gate called pre-boarding and I couldn't run there fast enough. Isla was still convulsing and screaming while I was trying to hand over our boarding passes, so I put her down. Of course she fell and wailed, "OOOOOOWWWWWEEEEEE!" making me look like the WORST mother ever. As we made our way to our seats, I saw eye rolls and heard lots of exaggerated whispers.

We made it! A row of three seats on a Southwest flight that wasn't full. There was not chance in hell someone was going to choose to sit next to us! Winning! For the next 30 minutes, she chilled in her seat, enjoyed some snacks, and said hi to everyone who passed our row.

Travel pillow - we use it in the car too!

At this point, the benadryl kicked in...I think I gave it to her too late and now she was loopy and over tired from missing her nap. She screamed and thrashed around for a good 20 minutes. I am always the one to get annoyed with crying babies kicking my seat, so this really affected me. I started bawling and couldn't stop. It was just too much for me. I vowed NEVER again to wait that long to treat her allergies... The flight attendants brought wine and never asked for payment - sympathy drinks. 

Soon the benadryl kicked in and the wine felt warm. It was happy skies at 10,000 feet :)