Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I often struggle when gift shopping for my Baby Daddy. He has hobbies, but none that really lend themselves to creative gift giving. This year, I went searching and was delightfully surprised that I was able to put together the above options.

We live in Florida and it is already hot hot hot! We saw these Always Cool Towels at Costco recently and laughed over the absurdity of owning one....then we were at Disney the following weekend. Enough said.

I have recently fallen in love with Tegu brand magnetic blocks. I ordered a couple kits for my nephew so when I saw this new desk accessory I knew it would be a perfect addition to Victor's office.

Why have I never thought to buy the man some headphones?! He typically uses mine or the cheap and uncomfortable set that comes with the iPhone. He would never buy these for himself, but I know he'll be happy to have them.

The book appeared in my recommended items email from Amazon. I saw it, dropped my jaw, and scooped it up. I have serious concerns about Victor and his promise to give Isla everything she wants, needs, and perhaps doesn't deserve. Don't get me wrong, I never want my child to go without or feel the crushing weight of credit card debt that I felt after college. BUT, I also want her to learn the importance of hard work and learn to appreciate everything she is given or has earned. I don't want to just hand her a car, a degree, an iPhone 200... I want her to understand the value of these things and know what it takes to be able to afford them and care for them. I'm hoping this book will help us with these future decisions.

The Birchbox Man subscription is the perfect gift for someone like my brother. I think his Sephora Beauty Insider status rivals that of mine and my SIL's combined. I have tried for years to push my love of fancy products on Victor, but he still leaves the Art of Shaving tube under the sink and reaches for his crusty Gillette pump. I have come to accept this and appreciate the surplus funds going towards my French skincare addiction.

Have you had a Moscow Mule? No? You're welcome!