Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Favorites + Holiday Gift Idea

Even Floridans need to adjust their skincare, make-up, and fashion hauls for fall. The humidity is gone and dry hair and skin is here. I would never recommend a product that I wouldn't buy again.

I typically use a firming eye cream, but this brightening formula makes my newly acquired dark circles not so dark.

You MUST try this L'Occitane moisturizer! I feel like I am applying silk to my skin. Ahmayzing! I can tell such a difference in the texture of my skin at night when I'm cleansing. This is a keeper :)

I recently started enhancing my brows. My brows aren't thin, but they are very light. I first tried Anastasia brow gel and the wand was just too thick for me. I really like the super thin wand on this one by Tarte.

I do not wear foundation everyday, but when I do, I want full coverage without looking like I forested my face with a tub of brown icing. I typically use L'oreal Lumi, but I really like this formulation for drier skin. It is very light, dewy, and moisturizing. You may not like this if you're super oily.

I still heart my tangle teezer for brushing out my wet hair, but this wet brush has changed my life. Seriously. I use this while blow drying if I want a straight look. The bristles are special; they are very thin and flexible so as not to snag fragile, wet hair. I found mine at Target, but you can get it for less on Amazon.

My husband and I are huge fans of Shark Tank. I first saw this straw cup on the show a year or so ago. I kept meaning to buy it on amazon, but just never pulled the trigger. I literally squealed with delight when I saw these at Target. I scooped it up and was excited to see if Isla liked it. Verdict? She loves it and the weighted straw mean that she gets every last drop. Cons? It is not spill or leak proof. If your toddler tornado is anything like mine, then juice will spill when she tips it upside down and shakes it. Over and over and over...

Finally, I've been on the hunt for a new tote. I have searched and tried on and bought several, but have been consistently disappointed. I ordered this bag a few weeks ago and am in love. I like my totes to have structure, an outside pocket for phone + keys, and a center section that is sewn at the bottom. This is my first Kate Spade handbag purchase since college and I must say that I am impressed. The gold chain feels luxe and looks quite classy with sweats in the am when I drop Isla at daycare :)

Have you heard of POPSugar? I can't remember where I first saw it, but I recently ordered my first Must Have box for $39.99 and am now on my third monthly box. It is SO much fun to get a box full of great brands and products that I wouldn't normally purchase. In addition, the value of the boxes is always over $200 and can be up to $500. The below box included a scarf that retailed at $140 - would I ever pay that? No. BUT, it feels like butter and the coloring is very unique. I highly recommend joining and enjoying your first box...PLUS, there are always around 7-10 products, therefore you can order one box for $39.99 and get 7-10 gifts for holiday. Winning! Here is the link to join: Get your first Must Have Box HERE

The Get Fit With Us was a $25 gift card - that practically paid for the box on its own. The box also included Nicole Miller Headphones and Rifle Paper Co. note cards. Seriously? This is the best $39.99 I spend all month :)


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Did you miss me?

We have been slammed with life the past couple of months. We have been packing for weeks, planning for Halloween, sick with everything Isla brings home from daycare, and I've been really busy with work. I have made a vow - I vow to post every week until the end of the year. I have so many Isla updates that I need to get down before I forget.

So here's the deal...we're moving! We are saying goodbye to our home for the past almost four years. We are leaving the urban life of downtown West Palm Beach and joining the soccer moms in Jupiter. We looked at a TON of properties. I'm sure our agent wanted to throat punch us at our inability to make a decision. We decided on a lovely community called Mallory Creek. We can't walk to crowded bars, the coast, work (for Victor), or the mall anymore. BUT, we can walk to the park, food truck invasion events, craft fairs, and our friend's house - knock, knock!

Here is the outside of our corner town home with plantation shutters (gah!), ceiling fans (clutch), laundry room (what is that?), and custom California Closets (we will have closets!)

Oh hey kitchen! We currently have 5 kitchen cabinets (not double cabinets) in our downtown condo with our dishes on a Pier 1 shelving unit (that has survived 22 months with a toddler tornado). This kitchen calls for a Williams & Sonoma trip. Oh, and that's our laundry room back there complete with a side by side (no more top loader for the Fernandez family!) and a mud sink. Oh, oh and shelves!!!

Speaking of shopping, we move the 12th, leave for a weekend vacation with friends on the 14th, and then Victor leaves for Denver the following Wednesday. While he's gone, I plan to hit up every home store within a 20 mile radius to stock up and decorate any. way. I. choose. Most wives might be a wee bit miffed that their betrothed is leaving them less than a week after moving, but me? I'm ecstatic! I can organize, decorate, paint, put up a back splash, hire a handy man to hang photos...ANYTHING I WANT! No time to FaceTime, boo, mama's busy with your Amex cleaning.

We have sold pretty much every piece of furniture we own (any one need a king size solid wood + leather sleigh bed?). I have been pinning and planning the rooms of this place for weeks. I'll do a complete home tour early December :) And before you ask, I'm not even waiting a day to put our Christmas tree!!

We plan to make the most of our last weekend in downtown - City Place shopping + Family Fun Fest,  a trip to Paper Source, walk to the beach, stroll along the Intercoastal, Brunch at Paris Bakery, early trip to our local Starbucks, nail appointment at my fave spot, wine at The Blind Monk, Dinner at Table much to do!