Friday, April 25, 2014

Isla at 15 + 16 Months

Hi baby girl! I’m combining your 15 + 16 month posts because I just didn’t get around to it last month.
15 months:

You got to spend some time with your Gigi in March because Daddy and I went on a mini vaca to Savannah, GA. You haven’t seen your Gigi since you were only a few months old. For past few months, Daddy and I do not exist if your Grandma is around. It broke my heart the first time you turned away from me to stay in your Grandma’s arms. It was a little bittersweet; I’m happy you’re independent, but secretly hope that you always prefer me J Well, Grandma got a taste of her own medicine that week. You turned her away for your Gigi! I’m pretty sure she felt the same way I did.

You still aren’t walking, but your climbing has reached new heights, literally. While at Grandma’s you climbed on top of your stroller, then up onto the back of the couch, and over you went! You are fearless!

16 months:

You have a new favorite food! You love watermelon! We went to a birthday party at a park and watermelon was on the menu. You've never had it because I don’t like it and therefore don’t buy it. That has all changed! You went crazy for it and couldn't get enough. Now we buy the mixed fruit from Publix and without fail you always eat the grapes first. It is funny to see your patterned behavior and your likes and dislikes. This month you also loved re-fried beans, fig newtons, and lemon cupcakes.

Loving some watermelon!

You are very into you right now. You love watching videos of yourself so much that you will stop mid-tantrum if we start playing one for you. Speaking of tantrums, you are very stubborn and headstrong. You lash out as soon as you don’t get your way. You scream, slap, kick, and throw yourself on the floor… Ugh! Seriously kid, get it together!

Daddy took you on your 2nd 5K this month too. He wore you in the baby bjorn and I got a call around mile 3 to come get you. Apparently you lost your shit when Daddy put you in a co-worker’s stroller so he could help her carry her little boy. So Gertie and I headed out with the stroller in tow. It had been raining off and on all day and the clouds looked ominous on my way to get you. We ended up finishing the 5k with pops and headed to the beer tent. Someone tied on a HUGE balloon to your stroller and you played while we had a couple cold ones. About this time, the clouds decided to break loose and pour down rain! Picture this: We are 5 blocks from home. We have you in a stroller and Gertie on a leash. Mommy has on a white shirt and Daddy is whining about his blisters. We are running through the streets of downtown, soaking wet, beer in hand, shirt now see through, and this huge effing balloon is smacking me in the face each time the wind blows. Total shit show! We walked into the lobby of our building to jaws dropped and WTF stares! Lesson learned.

You are a dancing machine this month. Every time a song plays on TV you start to shake it! It is to die for! Ahhh! I just want to squeeze your little bum bum every time! I need to get these dance parties of yours on the camera because you’ll love to see them one day.

Lastly, I thought you might be ready for arts and crafts this month. You recently picked up a pencil and loved seeing the marks you made on paper. I went to target and dropped a car payment on everything I could find that you might like. Total fail! You would rather eat the crayons than color. You get frustrated with the wonder magic markers because the ink takes a few seconds to appear on the page and “ain’t nobody got time for that!” The only thing you remotely enjoyed were the bath crayons and who’s surprised? You still love bath time! Side note, we are pretty sure you’re going to be a lefty as you have favored that hand for a while now.

We celebrated Easter this month and you were more impressed with the plastic grass than anything else. I let you eat a mini chocolate bunny and your reaction was priceless – your face lit up and you kept dive bombing my hand for another bite! We also attempted to color eggs with nail polish via a pinterest post. Epic fail! While I was on facetime with a girlfriend you shattered a bottle of glitter polish on the tile floor. It took me an hour and an entire bottle of polish remover to get it off the tile! I think we’ll try traditional methods next year.

I can’t wait to see what 17 months brings. I love you buggy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Framed Felt Ring Holder

Recently, I feel like our world is so jam packed with work, Isla, errands, family photos, blah blah blah....that I barely have time to stop and smell the wine roses. I like to decompress and chill out with DIY and crafting projects. My latest? A DIY ring display for the insane amount of Chloe + Isabel rings I have amassed in the past 8 months. Total project cost? $.99! I had most of the materials on hand already so it was very cheap to throw together :) I have since added 10-15 additional rings and the felt rolls are sturdy and holding strong!

Hot glue gun

While cleaning out my closet for my next round of Ebay listings, I found an old frame in bad shape. The finish had started to tarnish and peel and I was this close to tossing it when my DIY side took over and put a halt to the hasty disposal.

You of course can buy a new frame, but like I said, I had this one on hand. Just wipe it up and spray it with some primer. I used two coats of primer and two coats of this gold spray paint. In between coats, get started on your felt rolls.

You can find these sheets of felt at your local craft store. Michael's sells 8x10 sheets for $.33. I needed three sheets for this project. I chose an oatmeal color as I knew I was going to paint the frame gold. Measure your frame and start cutting your felt. My squares were 5x5 - you'll want to ensure your felt rolls will be thick enough to hold your rings once they are rolled and glued.

Start at the edge and begin rolling your felt square - make sure your are rolling in the correct direction. Please excuse my gels...mama needs a manicure!

Once rolled, put a strip of hot glue along the edge and keep rolling. Careful! It's HOT! Set your roll aside and continue rolling your squares until you have enough to cover your frame. Once complete, pop those little babies in your frame, put on the back, and TADA!

I love the way it turned out and will be adding them to the Etsy shop soon :) Stay tuned as I have quite a few projects I've been working on, and they will all be debuted in the shop this weekend or next. I'm very excited for the Grand Opening of Isla and Boo and am thinking we should have a party...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter Basket

St. Patty's Day may have caught me off guard, but Easter? I got Easter by the balls eggs! I have been pinning and prepping since early March. All I have left to plan is her outfit...

Here's a little tip from me to you: To save on Easter grass (and money), place a plastic bag with filler in the bottom of your basket before you spread out your Easter grass. I used the contents of our paper shredder, but newspaper or catalog pages would work as well. 

Mediocre Mom Tip: If your boo is younger than 2-3 years, they won't know what's new and what's nearly new. I raided her book shelves for books she already had. Thank you, Auntie Rhi for our Pat the Bunny book! It's the gift that keeps giving :)

I LOVE this basket! I found it last week while we were in Savannah and scooped it up as soon as I saw it. The basket is hand made by a local, using grape vines, wisteria branches, and jasmine branches.

My husband: I can't believe you just spent $20 on a basket.
Me: Well, I was going to spend $50 on one from PB Kids. So the way I look at it is, I just saved you $30.

I have a healthy obsession with the 3 wick candles from Bath & Body Works. Seriously, it is the ONLY candle with a scent strong enough to fill a room. Once they have burned down to nothing, I clean out the jars and repurpose them. Here is one that I have primed, painted, and glued a painted bunny on top. I love the way they turned out and will be sending them to the little loves in my life :) Btw, the candles are on sale right now so scoop some up and enjoy! My fave scent is Tiki Beach.

I made her a set of hair bows and popped those in her basket :) I will be adding them to my Etsy shop soon. I have been a DIY machine lately and have lots to post in the shop.

While in Savannah, I found a lovely bath shop that sold bath bombs in these adorable clear egg crates. I asked the shop owner if I could have an empty crate to use for Easter and she gave me a dozen. You gotta love that Southern hospitality! I then filled it with plastic eggs and made a ribbon to wrap around it. Entire project cost? $.89

I also included some mini cookie cutters I found on sale after Valentine's Day, a bunny straw cup from Target, and a few Lush bath bombs. Isla's favorite time of the day is bath time and we sometimes take baths together (true story). I love to use the bubble bars and glitter bombs because she gets a huge kick out of them...and they make mama's skin soft and yummy!

I cannot get over how much I love these vintage eggs from Target! Soooooo cute they needed their own photo. I plan to fill them with her snacks on Easter Day :)

 To wrap up, check out this DIY project my girlfriend made with her son, Cooper. Nothing says Easter like Jesus' Tomb :) This will be on our agenda in roughly 3 years!