Thursday, September 17, 2015

For the love of blankets...and saving dollars

Our linen closet could be a mini showroom for aden + anais. I have been purchasing their cotton muslin everything since before Isla was born. We even have two of the adult sized blankets that I snuggle with every night. Isla is now sleeping in a queen sized bed, but she still wants "Isla's blanket." We have a ton of swaddles, but those are becoming too small to keep up with her ninja night moves. They also don't provide a ton of warmth in our 68 degree house at night. This means I have been stocking up on the dream blankets as they are much thicker and extremely soft + cozy. At $49.50 a pop, this is getting to be quite an investment. 

I recently started following Little Unicorn on Instagram and absolutely love the prints on their version of the dream blanket. Best yet? They are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $39.99 after 20% online coupon. I just received Poppy on my doorstep and am in love. I also used Ebates to receive cash back. If you're an online shopper and not using Ebates, then you're missing out on hundreds of dollars a year. You live in crazy town if you don't take two minutes to sign up and use it for every online purchase.  

I will never stop loving aden + anais, but I have found a new love that is $10 cheaper with the same quality and packaging so luxe you'd think the blanket cost twice as much. We often gift aden + anais products as baby gifts, but these are going to replace them. I'm picturing a complete woodland friends gift basket for either a boy or girl with this quilt as the hero. I would include a few themed extras like these: wooden fox teether + jellycat bunny + this book and this book

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