Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Framed Felt Ring Holder

Recently, I feel like our world is so jam packed with work, Isla, errands, family photos, blah blah blah....that I barely have time to stop and smell the wine roses. I like to decompress and chill out with DIY and crafting projects. My latest? A DIY ring display for the insane amount of Chloe + Isabel rings I have amassed in the past 8 months. Total project cost? $.99! I had most of the materials on hand already so it was very cheap to throw together :) I have since added 10-15 additional rings and the felt rolls are sturdy and holding strong!

Hot glue gun

While cleaning out my closet for my next round of Ebay listings, I found an old frame in bad shape. The finish had started to tarnish and peel and I was this close to tossing it when my DIY side took over and put a halt to the hasty disposal.

You of course can buy a new frame, but like I said, I had this one on hand. Just wipe it up and spray it with some primer. I used two coats of primer and two coats of this gold spray paint. In between coats, get started on your felt rolls.

You can find these sheets of felt at your local craft store. Michael's sells 8x10 sheets for $.33. I needed three sheets for this project. I chose an oatmeal color as I knew I was going to paint the frame gold. Measure your frame and start cutting your felt. My squares were 5x5 - you'll want to ensure your felt rolls will be thick enough to hold your rings once they are rolled and glued.

Start at the edge and begin rolling your felt square - make sure your are rolling in the correct direction. Please excuse my gels...mama needs a manicure!

Once rolled, put a strip of hot glue along the edge and keep rolling. Careful! It's HOT! Set your roll aside and continue rolling your squares until you have enough to cover your frame. Once complete, pop those little babies in your frame, put on the back, and TADA!

I love the way it turned out and will be adding them to the Etsy shop soon :) Stay tuned as I have quite a few projects I've been working on, and they will all be debuted in the shop this weekend or next. I'm very excited for the Grand Opening of Isla and Boo and am thinking we should have a party...

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